First regenerative collection








First regenerative collection combines digital fabrication, bio design and craftsmanship.


The collection was presented at MICAM Milano 2022.

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Felipe Fiallo x

Futures Factory

NFT drop /22


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Chameleon NFT collection (006) was dropped in 2022 in partnership with Futures Factory. It gained a huge success selling out Unique Chameleon within the first seconds and entire stock within days.


The collection is known for its extraordinary look and fascinating color palette. It is entirely inspired by a chameleon which has the unique ability to transform itself and reflect the surrounding world. The sneaker design is executed in additive technology and high-quality materials that are growing in a laboratory, using parametric design of Voronoi-based porous structure imitating new and old skins of a chameleon in the upper and in the sole respectively. Natural growth diamonds are featured on the Unique.



Each shoe has a three-dimensional NFT tag on the side with essential information that proves the authenticity of the pair.

Felipe Fiallo


Nature Chameleon Collection, Wearable Sneaker in Decentraland


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Launched at Decentraland Fashion week, Nature Chameleon Collection marked an epic entrance to the digital universe for Felipe Fiallo being exhibited next to Karl Lagerfeld and other established brands.


The collection was inspired by a chameleon together with NFT collectibles. The concept of the chameleon used allows customers to express themselves, to adapt and to enjoy fashionable pieces outside of the real world. Wearables are a part of a more global vision to switch consumerism into a more positive and sustainable way in Fashion.

Each model is available in Marketplace to help enhancing your individuality inside of a virtual world.