Collection SS 23

WE GO FAR Collection is a sustainable capsule collection of sneakers representing a new fashion generation and a new way of thinking. This collection is the outcome of cross-contamination between digital fabrication, biology and sustainability creating future aesthetics focused on responsible, comfortable and stylish mobility.


It is not just a collection but rather a wake-up call to action, the result of an extensive research process on new technologies, circular economy, new materials, social inclusion and industry 4.0. To reinvent fashion and to respect the Planet.


The inspiration for these bio-sneakers comes from three environments: FOREST, MOUNTAINS and OCEAN. The natural beauty of its materiality development takes roots from the development of raw materials such as mycelium, algae, bacteria and other biodegradable elements, as well as the discovery of more efficient production processes, i.e. 3D printing. This collection is a part of the journey to redefine luxury using innovative technologies allowing you to connect and to recreate nature interactions with “alive sneakers”.